Baker Denver plumbers reviews

Baker Denver 24 hour plumbers reviews

David Blankenship: Professional services courteous employees and had much information to offer.

Matthew Hodges: Quick, efficient and fair. My search for a plumber is over. I own an old home and have had various plumbing problems over the years.

John Kelly: They really rule!

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Baker Denver cheap plumbers reviews

Shannon Reynolds: When I suspected I had a water leak, I called a well known and branded plumbing company. The plumber told me it would be better to re-pipe the entire lateral connection from the water main to the house because even if he found the leak, since I am on a hillside it’d be hard to know for sure how deep the line is buried. He gave me a quote for more than $2K. As a single female property owner, I know that I’m a very easy target and I rarely trust the information I get.

I remembered Denver had relined my major sewer line a couple years ago. Apparently, the guys did a good job, so I made up my mind to call them again. Brian and Jack came out today and spotted the leak within about 20 minutes and informed me they could fix it today for $450. Thank goodness I called Denver.

I appreciate that they didn’t try selling me on re-piping, but found the issue rapidly, fixed it, and did it right. Through trial and error, and experience with various plumbers for the last time, I now know that Denver is the plumber I have been searching for, the company who never exaggerates the work and does good work at a fair price.

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Baker Denver supply plumbing reviews

Lee Mason: Thank you Harry and Mike!

Paul Hall: Each time, I would search online for a good plumber, someone I can trust to be honest and fair. Sometimes I even wondered if I can trust the reviews on the web, but I undoubtedly agree with the high ratings Denver has received.

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