Villa Park Denver plumbing reviews

Villa Park Denver pipe repair plumbing reviews

Barbara Powers: When they put the faucet in, it pulled the plumbing of the garbage disposal lose. I had to have them come back out and reinstall it all and had to shell out for the extra installation of my garbage disposal plus I had to clean up all the water.

I was kind of under a barrel, because if I called another plumber in, I’d be paying the same amount too. They should have fixed at no cost. He should have seen what would happen.

Abel Parks: I was in touch with the company quickly unfortunately they could not preform the service I needed. I requested a refund from Angie’s List.

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Villa Park Denver plumbing reviews

Robert Hunter: They were prompt, thorough, and worked perfectly. The technician was Arthur Morton and he was very courteous and knowledgeable.

Ethan Page: They came out to take a look at everything, but when I wondered if he had a permit he said he didn’t require one. I disagreed and said, I would call him back. I’m reluctant to work with a company who doesn’t follow protocol.

Paul Foster: They’re my favorite plumbers!

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Reviews of Villa Park Denver supplies plumbers

Dora Fields: Service provider was prompt and contacted me regarding the inability to provide service in my area. They also stated that they will contact Angie’s List about giving me a refund. No refund has been given yet.

Phil: The guy was pleasant and everything. We had to move the faucet to a different hole to make it work right, so that it wouldn’t do it again. I don’t think the problem should have occurred. They should have known what they were doing. We haven’t had any issues with it since then.

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West Colfax Denver plumbing reviews

West Colfax Denver replacement parts plumbing reviews

Franklin Bridge: They get an A for coming quickly but an F for becoming angry when I told him his estimate was too much. I don’t care where you were or what you were doing before you came out for our estimate; nor did I care to know. But we could have at least negotiated a reasonable price before you rudely hung up the phone and left. We both have businesses to run where customer service is what will make us or break us.

Lee Fleming: I’m happy that they’re my plumbers!

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West Colfax Denver sump pump plumbing reviews

Brian White: Whole crew friendly and respectful of my property. I noted a problem a few days after they completed and the supervisor was back at my property within a couple of hours and identified and fixed the glitch. They were not cheap, but the service was excellent.

Dorothy Stone: Excellent and timely service. The owner, Tom, who I spoke to the day before, stopped me just to ensure his everything was going OK. Matthew, the repairman was very friendly and skilled.

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Reviews of West Colfax Denver local plumbing

Felix Spencer: The deal went alright and according to plan. I really have no complaints with the experience faced by me.

Roland O’Neal: Although Denver would not honor the coupon as it had expired, Michael did an excellent job explaining all the necessary repairs and provided a firm price for the complete job. It was the second time I used this provider and the second time Javier was assigned to my job. Both times went well and the work was completed professionally.

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Westwood Denver plumbers reviews

Westwood Denver cheap plumbers reviews

Mary Bishop: It was just okay. They had to come out a second time because the initial reason my husband purchase it was to check a toilet which kept sounding like it needed to fill. I mentioned that to the first person that came out and he did something and it seemed to be okay at the time but then later on, it was heard again that evening and so I called again and someone else came out and they seem to fix it again but my husband told he still hears it. But, they were fine.

Jack: When we called just to schedule the appointment, the plumbers came on the day and time that we planned for. They were professional, friendly and pleasant. It didn’t resolve the problem that we actually wanted the plumbers to come out for.

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Westwood Denver kitchen plumbers reviews

Richard Goldsmith: We had a very difficult sewer line job due to many trees and roots. After several interviews, we liked the professionalism of Denver (David in particular) and their price was as good as any other. They made a lot of promises to finish the job and do their best, and they did just that.

Barbara Savage: It turned out good! They were prompt and he replaced the faucet and did what he told he would do.

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Westwood Denver 24/7 plumbers reviews

Charles Young: It went smoothly.

Mark Curtis: Very nicely. I can always rely on Denver. There were several bumps along the way, but each time we addressed an issue, they managed to correct it. I believe they did a fantastic job, but only time will tell, and we have a 15 year warranty so we feel good. Mary at the office was very nice and helpful too.

Ethan Higgins: It went very well.

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Sloan Lake Denver plumbing reviews

Sloan Lake 24.7 Denver plumbing reviews

Paul Crawford: They worked fast, solved our problem, cleaned up after themselves and departed. Very professional, friendly, personable and very competent. We’ll certainly call them next time if we need a good plumber.

Ami McKinney: Denver definitely rules! They even enable me to save money.

Madeline Berry: I ended up using Denver. It was good. They got the work completed when needed. Everything seems to be working perfectly now.

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Affordable Sloan Lake Denver plumbing reviews

Owen Gilbert: It went great! They showed up exactly the day I called at the time they told they would. The tech-savvy guys analyzed the cause of the leak and informed me what it would take to fix the glitch.

Even though it was an obsolete system, they had the parts on their truck that they required repairing the overflow system and with my okay went right to work. They fixed it and tested it and that was it. Of course, I would use them again.

William Haynes: The guys who were fixing my bathroom were fantastic. I’ll call them again.

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Denver plumbing reviews of Northwest

Jennifer Jenkins: I don’t have any reasons to complain of Denver.

John Gallagher: Arrived on time, after calling to verify our location and let us know exactly when, within the scheduled window, they would get here. Philip rapidly diagnosed the issue and proided us with a reasonable estimate — actually, a range built around what they could and could not see before they went into the mud under the house. Final cost was nearer the low end of that range, and very competitive based on my earlier research. Philip showed us the pipe (whoever installed it years ago did not solder it, just two ends of cheap pipe overlapped and not sealed).

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Globeville Denver plumbers reviews

Globeville Denver plumbers reviews

24 hr Globeville Denver reviews

Kenneth Bride: He was okay. David was good too. There was an additional fee which didn’t seem like it covered very much. He did what I required him to do. The plumber was extremely friendly, and he had to take some things apart and in general he was capable of resolving the issue with a reasonable amount of time. Apparently, we were assured it was going to take more. He resolved it without additional cost. It was based on the fixture I had and a lot of it were for the parts. He’s pretty quick.

Joseph Ryan: I fully entrust all of my future plumbing issues to this reputable team.

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Local Globeville Denver reviews

Brian Hunter: He came Saturday morning to check my bath tub faucet leak and replaced the handles. That should have fixed a normal leak, but we figured out that the pipe had a crack which was causing the leak.

Emmy Lee: Dave told that he would require cutting a hole through the tiles to get to the damaged pipe and we would need to reschedule as that kind of work takes a few hours. Of course, he knew I was available during the weekends and he didn’t want me losing all that water, so he offered to work on a Sunday morning. The next day, he showed up with all his tools and fixed my shower.

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Globeville Denver North supply plumbing reviews

Dorothy Flowers: I’m surprised by them. They have no rivals in plumbing.

Emilie Shelton: I’d like to work with them again. Their professionalism generates tons of trust.

Katherine Jefferson: I chose Eric after viewing all the great reviews in Denver’s List, and as usual, the reviews are on point. Undoubtedly, he’s the best plumber I’ve ever dealt with- honest, courteous, professional friendly, and he really cared about doing the job in the proper way.

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Five Points Denver plumbing reviews

Five Points Denver plumbing reviews
Five Points Denver plumbing reviews

Five Points emergency plumbing Denver reviews

Adam Barber: Amazing! Another service had tried to make me shell out $500 to fix the problem, but Denver took a deeper look at the issue and realized that I just have a faulty faucet that needs to be replaced. Very professional, extremely nice, and honest. They definitely earned ongoing work from our household.

Oswald Garret: The receptionist, Jessica, did a fantastic job of keeping me updated as to the scheduling. Bob, along with his assistant, arrived on time and got to work immediately. They were focused and conscientious and in every respect professional during the course of the toilet installation. Bob didn’t hesitate to answer the questions I asked.

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Five Points bathroom plumbers Denver reviews

William Fleming: Great. Denver called Leak Detector. Leak Detector found leak. Denver rerouted pipes through ceiling. Done very fast.

Robert Lawson: As soon as they entered garage, they diagnosed it as just sewer gas coming up from a dry sink trap. They ran a little water in the sink, and the smell was eliminated. I thanked them for their expertise. There was no charge beyond the bargain Denver’s List price for the service call.

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Five Points kitchen plumbers Denver reviews

Mike Washington: I know for sure each time I face a plumbing issue in the future I’ll immediately contact Denver. They’ll undoubtedly help me.

Patience Cooper: These folks are good at plumbing. I can fully rely on their skills and experience.

Sharon Bright: What I was charged was money well spent being aware of that I had hired the best and that I was absolutely confident that the work was being done correctly. Without question, I will contact Denver, Denver for all of my future plumbing needs and hopefully, Bob will be available.

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Elyria-Swansea Denver plumbers reviews

North Elyria-Swansea Denver reviews

Simon Shaw: Paul cast a look at it, and firmly determined there was no failure. I had simply not turned the vale far enough, and he ex0plained to me that this required a large number of turns given the type of valve it is. His concise explanation and honesty were quite impressive and appreciated. I wanted to let folks know about him. This dude seems to be the genuine article folks. And I have plans to utilize his skills on some other projects around the house.

Peter Adams: He showed up earlier than promised, which got me to work quicker. I asked him to snake the clothes washer drain while the plumber was there he didn’t charge me an extra. As a matter of fact, hot water heater was fully functional when I got back.

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Local Elyria-Swansea Denver plumbing reviews

Charlene Parson: Two men came on the same day we called even though it didn’t appear to be an emergency. They were neat, patient and very efficient. Of course, we’ll call them again if required.

Derrick Weaver: I’ve had an awesome experience. They’re professional. They come out, they take care of it. Their workers are quality and clean. They’re a definitely good, straight-forward, established, plumbing company. They’re top-notch. I’ve never been disappointed when using them.

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Elyria-Swansea supply Denver reviews

Robert Lawrence: Awesome Denver returned phone call immediately, gave price estimate in advance over the phone, arrived less than an hour later and finished the job perfectly, going out to his truck several times to get parts and tools he had with him even though the plumber didn’t know in advance that he would. Friendly, personable, well supplied expert plumber!

Joanna O’Connor: They’re really awesome. I hope they’ll help me next time too.

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Indian Creek Denver Plumbing reviews

Indian Creek Denver kitchen plumbers reviews

Harry Blankenship: Excellent! Eric confirmed our appointment for the next day via return text, and the guy showed up timely. I had kept a spare sprayer, so all he required to do was install it, which he did perfectly. I mention this because the last plumber, who re-installed the exact same sprayer, had a bunch of trouble and left it with a shrill whistle when hot water was used through the sprayer!

Bertha Lester: Eric provided me with a reasonable quote for the valves and cartridge, and then deducted 5% since we are Angie’s List customers. He told me which parts to order from Kohler, and we intend to have him install them. Eric is surprisingly personable and professional. So, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. It was better than expected!

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Indian Creek Denver bathroom plumbers reviews

Stephaney Parker: The guys were reasonably priced, quick and amazingly efficient.

Jonas Craig: Jim was very professional, honest, pleasant, timely, and very accommodating of my limited time for repair Jim suggested replacing the fitting on my toilet tank which was leaking to save me money. I made up my mind to replace the very old toilet, so Jim looked for the best price for the new one-piece toilet. He also worked around my crazy work schedule, and installed it on a Sunday. I’ll definitely hire Benny again to do any future plumbing repairs.

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Indian Creek Denver cheap plumbing reviews

Francis Wiggins: David is reliable, courteous, prompt, friendly, and highly professional. Alex is excellent at customer care. His work is top notch and he is neat and courteous and empathetic. He listens to the customer and explains things thoroughly and clearly. He is excellent at finding solutions. And he is very detail oriented. I recommend these folks for any plumbing need.

Molly Dorsey: I didn’t have any problems with this service.

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Central Business District Denver plumbers reviews

Denver Plumbers from Central Business District reviews

Jack Garrison: Jim and Dave responded on both service dates. They installed the water line and eliminated the obstruction for the bathroom drain. I really appreciated their prompt arrival and both times they informed me of what they were intending to do throughout the process and the waterline installation and obstruction were taken care of efficiently and successfully. They communicated honestly and performed their services professionally. Their honesty and reasonable pricing gives me the confidence to keep using this company again.

Milton Pierce: OK, guy got here on time, arrived back with the water heater later than promised, installation went fine. Plumber was professional.

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Local Central Business District Denver plumbing reviews

Juniper Rich: Very professional service, came same day that I called. They got the job done quickly without over charging me. I’m very happy with the service and price. I would use them again.

Alexia Fleming: It’s no fun having a plumbing problem but these guys are on point!! the technician[ got to my house within an hour of calling, fixed the leak under my sink, and never disturbed my house guests. I was expecting to pay double because of the holiday but the plumber said its just a fixed rate. kudos to these guys!

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24 hour Denver Central Business District plumbing reviews

William Doyle: The entire team at Denver was incredibly professional, accommodating, and the work done was outstanding. Our plumbing tech, Reilly, proved invaluable in troubleshooting the initial plumbing problem and his installation of our new fixture was flawless. We called Denver scheduler numerous times and as a result of work issues and they were always courteous and extremely helpful. We highly recommend Denver.

Brian Peters: I’ll call these guys once again.

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Baker Denver plumbers reviews

Baker Denver 24 hour plumbers reviews

David Blankenship: Professional services courteous employees and had much information to offer.

Matthew Hodges: Quick, efficient and fair. My search for a plumber is over. I own an old home and have had various plumbing problems over the years.

John Kelly: They really rule!

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Baker Denver cheap plumbers reviews

Shannon Reynolds: When I suspected I had a water leak, I called a well known and branded plumbing company. The plumber told me it would be better to re-pipe the entire lateral connection from the water main to the house because even if he found the leak, since I am on a hillside it’d be hard to know for sure how deep the line is buried. He gave me a quote for more than $2K. As a single female property owner, I know that I’m a very easy target and I rarely trust the information I get.

I remembered Denver had relined my major sewer line a couple years ago. Apparently, the guys did a good job, so I made up my mind to call them again. Brian and Jack came out today and spotted the leak within about 20 minutes and informed me they could fix it today for $450. Thank goodness I called Denver.

I appreciate that they didn’t try selling me on re-piping, but found the issue rapidly, fixed it, and did it right. Through trial and error, and experience with various plumbers for the last time, I now know that Denver is the plumber I have been searching for, the company who never exaggerates the work and does good work at a fair price.

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Baker Denver supply plumbing reviews

Lee Mason: Thank you Harry and Mike!

Paul Hall: Each time, I would search online for a good plumber, someone I can trust to be honest and fair. Sometimes I even wondered if I can trust the reviews on the web, but I undoubtedly agree with the high ratings Denver has received.

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