Denver Highland plumbers reviews

Reviews of Denver Highland kitchen plumbers

Marlon Wixom: My expectations were exceeded from the moment I grabbed the phone and called those guys. As it turned out Dave answered the phone himself. The manager was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Evidently, he was able to send Dick out the same day, within the hour as it turned out, to check our bathroom. Michael ran his tests and narrowed down the location quickly to our shower. He recommended – but did not insist on – checking the toilet to exclude the small likelihood the toilet was the issue. I  agree to that and the reasonable additional fee involved. It was the shower and he gave me excellent guidance about how to proceed with the needed repairs. The charge for this, with the added fee for the toilet, was comparable to multiple other respected testing companies for the leak detection service alone. If it wasn’t enough, Dave called me the next day just to see how the job went, make sure I was fully satisfied and answer any questions I had. Both when I call initially and when he called in follow up, Steve was an excellent source of information regarding the plumbing issues involved. Well, I should say, I will glad call him and his company if the need emerges.

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Highland Denver pipe repair reviews

Melissa Davidson: I can’t express how satisfied I am.

Clinton Lester: These guys are born to be plumbers.

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Highland Denver plumbing supply reviews

Claude Bryan: I’ve just firmly decided to use them in the future.

Neal Sparks: I’m not going to shift to any other service. Denver is the best!

Tom Hike: They were courteous and professional. They did everything better than expected and I have a working bathroom now!

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